How did you find the Etape? Here are the thoughts of some of the contestants in the 2006 etape du Tour!

Jennifer wrote:
I have just returned from France where I took part in my first etape, first cycling event and first ride in the Alps. That ride was the best of my life so far!! It was an awesome day, not only did I finish in time but i loved every minute!

Harry wrote:
Did the ride of my life, hoping for a silver, but as I toiled up the Alpe became aware that I wouldn't make it. Came in at 8.22, still very pleased but missed silver by 11 minutes. What a course - easily the toughest.

I couldn't move for a couple of hours afterwards. Very glad of of the lift up to La Grave where three of us stayed the night.

Had a great ride out the next day, back over Lautaret, took in Galibier, then Briancon, over Montgenevre to Italy, stayed the night and was on the flight home from Turin Weds 1pm. Best cycling holiday ever.

Richard competed despite having broken his wrist!

He wrote:
I broke my wrist when I got hit by a car 10 weeks ago. The Etape was my first ride since then on a new bike. All my training was in the gym. It was tough because my wrist wasn't strong enough for me to get out of the saddle going up the climbs. On the plus side riding with a broken wrist takes your mind of how far you still have to go.