Etape du tour 2007




The route of the 2007 Etape du Tour is without doubt a challenging one – it is 200km long and climbs five Pyrenean cols!

Maybe it sounds better in miles – that’s 125 miles long!



profil de la course


The cols are not the highest in the Pyrenees, as they do not break the 2000 metre barrier, but they are quite high enough!


The highest col is Port de Bales, reaching 1755m.


The average gradients are not too desperate:


Col de Port:                           5.3%

Col de Portet d’Aspet           6.9%

Col de Mente                         8.1%

Col de Bales                          6.2%

Col de Peyresourde             7.8%


The altitudes gained are around:


Col de Port:                           800m

Col de Portet d’Aspet           650m

Col de Mente                         750m

Col de Bales                          1300m

Col de Peyresourde             650m


This gives a total altitude gain of over 4000 metres.


An interesting day out!