The light evenings are back, the sun has re-emerged and the temperatures are rising! What better reason to get on your bike and get some miles in!


We had a great weekend in Cheddar. We have graduated from the 100 metre hills to the 250 metre ones. The next step will be the mountains of Snowdonia!


Several people I have spoken to have now done a 70 mile ride. April is a good time to move towards the 100 mile mark – and maybe even achieve it! A good, sustainable speed is a good target at this time of year, moving on to more intense riding in May.


There are now plenty of Cyclosportives to choose from – they are excellent training for the Etape. If you are not ready for a Sportive yet, try a 100km Audax, moving on to a 200km one later.


How often should you train? This will usually be governed by the time you have available! However it will also depend on how intense the training is and your current level of fitness. After a gentle, pleasant 25 mile ride you will probably feel happy to get on your bike the next day – but after the toughest ride of the year so far, you may not want to see your bike for a week!


Professional cyclists cycle for a living, and will probably do a working day’s ride! Most of us, fortunately have other things in life, and need to train more optimally. The general view is that two or three training rides a week is about optimum, though even one intense session will maintain your fitness level.


As the season progresses, you will find that a ride that was difficult at the beginning of the season becomes easier later in the season. The general view is that three training rides a week is about optimum. It is easier to achieve this now that the evenings are light.


Not all of us have mountains close at hand – though those that do are often amazingly fit! Even if you only have a 100 metre hill close by – if you ride up it 5 times you have climbed 500 metres! ( though admittedly you get a rest in between!)


Its time to get out there and enjoy your training!