Let’s get serious!


The weather has been great: 24 degrees was recorded in Scotland recently!


The clocks have gone forwards the evenings are light – great for a quick spin after work!


It is time to get serious! We have 100 mile rides with 5000 metres of climbing in spectacular mountains ahead of us!




The following aspects of training are important:







Sometimes we combine all four! Looking at them one at the time though:





There is more climbing in these Etapes than just about any Etape before!

Each Etape include 5000 metres of climbing – a huge challenge!


How do you train for this if you live in the UK?


How about a week training abroad? The Alps, Pyrenees, Mallorca …. There are plenty of choices! There even suitable training events like our Allant one in the Pyrenees – and there are plenty in Mallorca!


I wish everyone could do this! If you are not free to, the UK has some good options.

Areas such as Cheddar and the Cotswolds offer 250 metre climbs. In South Wales the Beaufort Mountain west of Abergavenny (B4560) offer 320 metres of Alpine style climb. There are many other good training climbs in that area. In Snowdonia there are excellent climbs, such as the magnificent climb between Beddgelert and Pen-y-Pass. This is why we organise a training event in Snowdonia each year!


Nearer home, hill repeats are a substitute.


In the gym or on the turbo trainer riding continuously at a level of 150W or 200W continuously simulates climbing well.


As usual – start with the easy climbs then move on to the difficult ones!



Act 1 is 95 miles long and Act 2 is 125miles long.




Your first 100 mile ride need not be fast – just increase your speed on later rides.

For me April is always good month to beat the 100 mile barrier (as long as there are some good cafes!)



Those short rides after work are good for improving your speed.

Aim to beat your record on your favourite route! Record your averages and beat them!



What is it like to ride with 10,000 others? Most competitors are very careful (fortunately!)

A bit of practice helps – riding with friends, charity rides, Audaxes, club rides and Sportives!


Choose events at your speed level to avoid discouragement!


However you do it –




Take care!