1ST CLIMB:                   Col des Aravis                               Category 2

The first climb starts after a 9.5km of fairly flat road – just right for a warm up!

 A drink station is planned at Val d’Arly, close to the foot of the first climb.

After Flumet, a further easy section follows, before the real climb starts 4km later, when the gradient becomes mainly 6% or 7%. There is a surprise near the top, when the gradient drops to 3.5% followed by a few hundred yards of nearly 12%! The final km is less steep….

You will have climbed around 500 metres, to an altitude of 1487metres!

An exciting descent follows!

After the descent, at La Cluzas, a full refreshment stop is planned.

2nd CLIMB:                   Col de la Colombiere                            Category 1

Colombiere is an extremely scenic climb, with an average gradient of 6%. The first half has a gradient of 5% to 6% apart from a short 8% section. About half way up at Chinaillon a drink station is planned. The second half of the climb is mainly 6% to 7.5% with a short 8.5% section just before the summit.

You have now completed a climb of 680 metres taking you up to over 1600 metres!

We now descend over 1000 metres down into the valley!

There follows 17km in which we are neither climbing nor descending!

Before the next climb, at Meussy a drink station is planned– very useful if the day is a hot one!


3rd CLIMB:          Col de la Ramaz                                      Category 1

The average gradient of this 14km climb is 7%. Apart from a short easy section after the first 2km, just before Messy, the gradient is 7 or 8%, steepening to 10% for the 2km before Sommand. The last 4km is easier.  A food and drink refreshment station is planned at the top of Ramaz.

You have climbed just over 1000 metres to over 1600 metres!

A 1000 metre descent to the valley follows, then a 12km flat section to Samoens, where there is a further food and drink station – a chance to recover before the last climb!

4th CLIMB:           Col de Joux Plane                         Category HC

The average gradient of the fourth and last climb is 8.3%. The initial 9% gradient drops to 8% the hovers around 7% up to the 6th km. A further drink station is planned on the ascent – essential if it is hot! There is then a section which may seem like a real challenge, as the gradient increases to 9%, 10% and 11% over the next three km. Depending on your riding technique, you will either be going for it, or taking it in a measured way! Some riders will see it as a final sprint, though most of us may be happy to just keep riding!

The next km’s gradient is 5%, then the final two km revert to nearly 10%! Take care!

The final climb is 1000 metres, reaching the highest point in the Etape du Tour – 1700 metres!

Then the glorious descent to the finish at Morzine!