ETAPE 2002

The Cols!

The 2002 Etape has one more major climb than last year so beware!

Starting at Aime, at about 675 meters, it climbs 19.5km at 6% average to :

Cormet de Roselend: 1968 m View the Col!

After descending to around 675 m again, it climbs 15.5 km at 6 % average to:

Col des Saisies: 1650 m View the Col!

It drops to about 1000 m, then climbs 11.5 km at 5 % average to:

Col de Aravis: 1486m View the Col!

After dropping to about 1000 m again, it climbs 12 km at 5.5 % average to:

Col de la Colombiere: 1600m View the Col!

After that its down hill all the way to Cluses at 520m

The total height climbed is similar to the 2001 Pyrenees epic. It is shorter but there are no flat bits its either up hill or down hill!

Im told there are some spectacular views!